gonçalo chair

Portuguese design by the master locksmith Goncalo Rodrigues dos Santos. Half a century of history of the most emblematic and international Portuguese chair whose presence is imposed on the terraces of the five continents.


various models

From wood to cork trough new polymers, the ARCALO makes a constant effort to upgrade and invest exploring the applicability of new materials to the original design.



Designed and produced to the terrace with a design that facilitates stacking, saving time and effort in opening and closing the tables space.


folded steel

Manufacturing quality that gives the chair a long life. The structure, the use of steel and processes resulting from the accumulation of experience and know-how, makes Goncalo chair exceptionally strong and durable.


portuguese design

A chair born in Algés, with an original design, that still populates portuguese terraces from north to south since the 50’s. Presently it forms a patrimony that deploys a wide range of solutions for different contexts.